A woman and her two-year-old daughter were slightly injured—but safe!—after a terrifying incident: The stroller, with the toddler in it, rolled into the E subway tracks at the Archer Avenue station in Queens.

Apparently the mother had turned to throw something in the trash—and the stroller started moving. According to WCBS 2, "Just as the woman jumped down onto the tracks after the stroller, a few Good Samaritans, the subway cleaner, came to their rescue and helped bring the mother and daughter onto the platform." The subway cleaner, Diane, said, "The mother was throwing out a bottle in garbage, and she didn’t put brakes on stroller, and carriage went back... She jumped onto the tracks to save her child."

Luckily, there wasn't a train approaching the station just yet. Other transit workers used their flashlights to warn an oncoming train.

The mother and daughter are at North Shore Long Island Jewish Medical Center—the mother had a sprained ankle and the toddler had cuts and bruises to her face.