Wow, time really flies, as it has been one year since the retaining wall at 183rd and the Henry Hudson Parkway collapsed, sending thousands of cubic feet of dirt onto the highway. AM New York checks up on the scene, which has not been repaired (though dirt has been cleared away and the rest of the wall secured) since, and finds that the Department of Buildings is still investigating the incident. The DOB's Board of Inquiry chair Leslie Torres explains, "This was a very serious incident, and the technical engineering investigation is complex. The board will release its findings when it has examined all possible causes of the collapse." Which means there's no ETA on the report.

Plus, there's the whole bit about actually rebuilding the wall. AMNY says it'll take $25 million, and the city is suing Castle Village, the co-op that was technically responsible for the wall (since it sits on top of that hill), and Castle Village is suing its insurance people AND the engineering people who were charged with monitoring the safety. So, we can guess that the wall will be built in about five years, if we're lucky.