All-American supermodel Christie Brinkley is playing tough when it comes to her forthcoming divorce from architect Peter Cook. Brinkley's lawyer says the press should be allowed to attend the proceedings, in spite of the recommendation of a court-appointed guardian for her children, who say it's not a good idea.

In 2006, Brinkley split from Cook after she found out he had an affair with then-18-year-old Diana Bianchi who was his assistant. (Cook originally met Bianchi when he was shopping for toys for his and Brinkley's children and she was working at the toy store.) Cook sent Bianchi love missives and Brinkley found out about the affair when she went through his emails.

Newsday reports Cook's lawyer also questioned why Brinkley would want the court to be open, given that there are "two young children... I don't know what they know." Well, aside from Mommy and Daddy not living together and fighting over custody. Brinkley's lawyer said, "Frankly, [Cook's] long affair with a teenaged girl is only the tip of the iceberg," probably causing all media outlets pray that the judge rules the case can be open.