A building at 280 West 113th Street that was under construction has partially collapsed. Earlier reports said that "bloodied" construction workers "stumbled away from the building" before 12:45PM and that rescue workers who were looking for another worker had to be evacuated due to the building's instability. The police confirmed that one person died; apparently floors gave way. The incident is affecting subway service for the A, B, C, and D lines at this point.

The Department of Buildings is classifying this as a partial building collapse: "BUILDING SHAKING/VIBRATING/STRUCT STABILITY AFFECTED." And on December 16, a complaint was made to the DOB about work being performed after hours. This past October, the DOB started a campaign to encourage more on-site construction safety, after a number of construction tragedies.

Photograph of firefighters pulling a body from the rubble by Seth Wenig/AP