Two people were arrested upstate for violent outbursts after allegedly using bath salts, with one woman threatening to eat a police officer's face. The Observer-Dispatch reports that police responded to a call about a disturbed person at Stanley's Bar on Saturday night, and found a 41-year-old woman "sitting on the stairs of the premises, sweating profusely with a blank stare on her face." Asked what was wrong, the woman "became aggressive," lunging at the officer and attempting to bite him, and screaming that "she wanted to kill someone and eat them."

After a mental health evaluation, doctors at a nearby hospital determined that the woman was under the influence of bath salts. On Friday night, the family of 20-year-old Aubrey Vails called police and said he was "acting in an abnormal manner," and threatening to kill them. Vails had ripped a door in the home off its hinges, and was found "punching and damaging a motor vehicle." He's charged with four counts of criminal mischief, and was found to be using bath salts.

Two weeks ago a Munnsville woman who had allegedly been using bath salts died of cardiac arrest after officers shot her with Tasers for resisting arrest and attacking her three-year-old son and a neighbor. How could anyone still want to use this drug?