The Muslims living on a sheep farm in the bucolic upstate town of Sidney are used to people throwing rocks at them, blaring their horns when driving by, and calling the cops to report suspicious "people with turbans." But have the local hillbillies finally gone too far? Now they want the Sufi group to dig up the bodies buried on their property. Not because they're Muslim, mind you, but because of an obscure technicality in New York State law that must be enforced to avoid cemetery chaos!

Just two Muslims are buried on the group's property—one died in a car crash, the other of stomach cancer—but the town may try for a court order to force the Muslims to dig up the graves, because New York prohibits cemeteries on mortgaged land. The Huffington Post reports that the town approved the cemetery in 2005, and when the first body arrived last year it received a 3-car escort from the Passaic, New Jersey Police Department. But in July, as Islamaphobic mosque hysteria began sweeping the land, the town officials suddenly decided that those dead Muslims had to go.

Town Supervisor Bob McCarthy, a Republican, insists his objections have nothing to do with whether or not they are Muslim. "People just can't go bury a body in a field," he tells a Daily News reporter, who then showed him the 2005 letter from the town's code enforcement officer stating that "a cemetery at this location would be an allowed use." After seeing the letter, McCarthy simply said, "I'm not a lawyer." But he is the worst person in the world, according to Keith Olbermann: