An Ithaca, NY man was charged with abusive sexual contact for allegedly touching a female passenger during a flight from Tokyo to Newark Liberty International Airport on Sunday.

According to the FBI, Eun Jong Lee was sitting next to a woman he didn't know on the United flight:

While the plane was in the air, the woman... fell asleep. She awoke to find Lee’s hand on the front of her shirt, touching her breast through her clothing. Lee then touched the skin of her neck and attempted to place his hand down the front of the woman’s shirt.

After asking Lee to stop touching her, the woman reported the incident to a flight crew member and provided the crew member a written statement describing what happened. The federal government has exclusive jurisdiction over all abusive sexual contact cases that occur in American airplanes in flight.

Lee, 47, was questioned by the FBI and, according to court documents, admitted to touching the woman. If convicted of abusive sexual contact, Lee faces up to two years in prison and a $250,000 fine. Three years ago, a man was sentenced to a year in prison after molesting a woman on a flight from Hong Kong to Newark.