2008_08_hoypen.jpgSome new details about the relationship Assemblyman Sam Hoyt (D-Buffalo) had with a former Legislative intern. The Post now reports the intern, Lori Gladwell, was 24 and "wrapping up a six-month internship with another legislator" when the affair with the married Hoyt started in May 2003. Her lawyer said, "This is a personal matter that concluded three years ago...My client has moved on with her life, and she hopes that all parties do the same." Hoyt, who says he did nothing wrong, is currently under investigation by the Ethics Committee, because there's a strict no-fraternization rule between interns and lawmakers (the law wasn't put in place until 2004, after another lawmaker slept at an intern's hotel room because he was too drunk to drive). The Buffalo News has an interesting article about the controversy--Hoyt's lawyer think the attacks are coming from his primary challenger, Barbara Kavanaugh.