2007_02_ups.jpgGiven the curious FedEx package sorting on the street, this story is an interesting coincidence. WABC 7 reports that a UPS delivery man was apprehended due to his involvement in a scheme involving stolen credits, UPS packages, and Sidekick cell phones. It's believed that a UPS deliveryman is behind a plan where Sidekicks would be ordered with stolen credit card numbers, and then the packages would be "intercepted in a series of pre-arranged visits with UPS drivers who were accomplices in the scheme." The drivers would allegedly be paid $50 per Sidekick!

WABC 7 says that one driver is in custody; the police found him when he was waiting to sell the phones to the kingpin. And it seems that UPS internal security may have tipped off the police. Wild!

And remember the story about the Sidekick that was stolen, and the owner's friend got in touch with the people who stole it or bought it from thief?

Photograph of UPS Truck by Triborough on Flickr