Apple products are, undoubtably, hot these days. And hot Apple products are worth a lot in the secondary market. Just ask all those subway iPhone grabbers. And with the next Apple product still under wraps, it seems that thieves are making do stealing Apple wares off of international flights and off of UPS trucks!

First, UPS: Yesterday authorities announced that they had arrested 29-year-old Alfonso Suarez of Queens for stealing more than $22,000 worth of cellphones from the shipping company's clients. Suarez, who has worked part-time for the company for eight years, allegedly got greedy from March 16-18. Over that period he allegedly put new shipping labels on six boxes that passed by him at UPS's Maspeth facility. Those boxes, which included 45 phones, 30 of which were iPhone 4s, were then delivered to his home.

UPS got suspicious when people started complaining that their shipments never arrived. "UPS does not tolerate dishonesty and will punish cases like this to the fullest extent of the law," said a company spokesman. Suarez was charged with grand larceny and criminal possession of stolen property.

While Suarez was caught, another Apple thief remains at large. The Post reports that back in May a Russian pilot for Aeroflot Airlines put eight new iPads (presumably iPad 2s which were about to go on sale in Russia) in his plastic-wrapped and locked luggage and flew from JFK to Moscow. But when he landed the plane and collected his baggage he realized that somewhere over the Atlantic (or, more likely, back at JFK) his shiny toys seemed to have walked away. The TSA and the Port Authority looked into the theft, but were unable to find any leads. So, "with the thief’s trail colder than a Russian winter," the case has been closed.