Hey fellas, are you constantly frustrated by your girlfriend's failure to remember any of the tender moments you've shared together, or her vexing habit of immediately forgetting every pigheaded remark you may have made over the years? Well, meet the woman of your dreams: Upper West Sider Louise Owen remembers everything. Every freaking thing. She's one of six people whom neurobiologists have identified as possessing "superior autobiographical memory." She'll be featured on a 60 Minutes segment on Sunday about the six mega-memory savants, so you better move quickly, because once it airs thousands of dudes ISO a woman who never forgets will be beating a path to her door.

Owen, a violinist who was once hailed by the Boston Globe as "a blindingly brilliant performer," can tell you what happened on any given day in her life since 1985. "It was slightly rainy and cloudy on January 14, and 15th," Owen declares. "It was very hot the weekend of the 27th, 28th . No rain." The segment features a memory test wherein an assistant calls out certain dates and events and asks Owen to remember what happened. Like when did Christopher Reeve have his tragic equestrian accident? "Saturday, May 27th 1995," Owen immediately replies. And what happened on October 19th, 1987? "It was a Monday," says Owen confidently. "The day of the great stock market crash. And cellist Jacqueline Mary du Pré died on that day."

Owen tells the Post, "When I hear the date, it's like my brain immediately goes to a position on a calendar and once I locate it, I see what happened instantly. I usually describe it as time travel. As soon as you say that date, I'm instantly there. I know how I felt, I know what happened that day. It's as if it happened five minutes ago, as opposed to 22 years ago."

But when it comes to sports, Owen seems to have some blind spots. The tabloid tripped her up when a reporter asked her to recall the news events of February 3rd, 2008, when the Giants won Super Bowl XLII! She also failed to remember March 5th, 2004, when Martha Stewart was convicted of lying to feds. The fact that she could forget such significant events in world history really makes us wonder about her priorities.