Manhattan's best scientists are still trying to figure out why rats love roaming through our streets, our baked goods, our legs and our faces. But there's no question as to where our rat overlords prefer to spend their time: the Upper West Side.

AddressReport has crunched the data and determined that over the last 365 days, the most number of rodent complaints (which includes sightings, bites, and "conditions") has come from the UWS. There have been 681 complaints in that span—for some comparison, there were just around 1,000 rat complaints on the UWS between 2010-2012, according to 311 data! Sure the cars are well maintained and the meatballs are delicious, but holy hell.


After the UWS, the next highest amount of sightings were in Harlem (545), on the Upper East Side (504), in Midtown (423), and in East Harlem (301). Oddly, the Meatpacking District had zero complaints during this span, which almost certainly means the rats have taken over.

[h/t Curbed]