The scary news that an Upper West Side man fell to death in his building's service elevator shaft on Sunday has taken on an interesting new context. Edward Helig, 76, had been leaving his apartment, on his way to a vacation, with his wife, when his attempt to fix the service elevator proved fatal: Helig had actually climbed on top of the service elevator when it stalled, but slipped between the car and the war and fell 14 floors. Note any dwellers of buildings with elevators: Do not try to fix the elevator by yourself. Most of the initial reports noted that Helig had avoided the main elevator because he suffered an injury when the elevator open several inches off the floor, and also noted his interest in making sure the building was well-maintained for residents. However, Newsday spoke to more neighbors and one said, "He was always trying to engage people in battles with the landlord." The landlord said Helig's efforts were "nothing serious" and was sad about Helig's death, but if it weren't a terrible accident, it would sound like the many strange things that happen to the "troublemaking" tenants.

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