The FBI is investigating a number of hateful letters sent to the Hispanic owners of business in Washington Heights and Inwood. NY1 reports that the "barrage of hate mail" contains "threats such as 'Stop wrecking my USA,' 'Speak english' and 'We don't want you in our community.'" Jesus Hernandez, who owns Mama Sushi, told WCBS 2, "I don't have just Latin people coming here. I have black, I have white I have all kinds of people as customers so I can't point out anybody who would do such a thing." Hispanics Across America's Fernando Mateo is worried the letter writer may act out, which is why he has given the letters to the FBI, "That somebody may come with a machine gun and shoot-up the area, shoot-up the patrons, you know? We don't want to wait until it escalates into gunfire."