Eve may have tempted Adam with an apple, but as far as we know, Adam didn't respond by trying to shove an apple down Eve's throat. But one patent lawyer was found guilty of shoving an Apple product down his ex-girlfriend's throat last year. And now that ex is suing him for it. “What is it with these guys who try to control their women with force? It has to be stop,” the plaintiff's lawyer, Rosemarie Arnold, told the Post.

Brian Anscomb, 38, stuffed 24-year-old ex-girlfriend Jaime Gattung's iPhone down her throat after an argument in July 2011. “He wanted the password to her cellphone, and when she wouldn’t give it to him they got into an argument,” Arnold said of the incident. Anscomb used his fingers to pry open Gattung’s mouth and stuffed the iPhone in, causing bruises and cuts on her throat.

Anscomb pleaded guilty to third-degree assault in the mouth-stuffing incident, and was sentenced to three years of probation. This wasn't the couple's first iPhone-related argument: previously, Anscomb allegedly snapped Gattung's phone in half during a dispute, then gave her a black eye.