Augh! Who knew that something that could be something worse than a bomb threat? A woman noticed a box with wires coming out of it under a grate at East 88th and Lexington. The police closed the street as they inspected the suspicious package... and it turned out to be a video camera set up to take upskirt pictures. The NYPD is trying to figure out what website had been receiving the pictures, as neighborhood women expressed their disgust and shock. One woman told the Post, "It's disturbing. I'm happy I wear pants most of the time." Video voyeurism is a felony in NY State.

Gothamist hopes some gross dudes wearing shorts and going commando walked over the grate...though those pictures would probably have a place on the Internet... Okay, we hope a dog pooped right exactly over the camera. And Gothamist on an upskirter arrested at a mall.