Yesterday, two pedestrians announced that they were planning to sue Citi Bike after they both tripped over the sidewalk-gray racks. Today, a third person has announced similar plans: a 63-year-old Upper East Sider is suing the city for $5 million after she tripped over a docking station. Which is kind of like the time I tripped over a root while playing soccer at summer camp and decided to sue the tree for $5 million.

According to DNAInfo, Diana Mathes claims she broke her arm when she stumbled over a bike station at East 20th and Park Avenue. She says she took a tumble because the base of the dock looked like the street. In her notice, she says the station's raised base "was camouflaged with the roadway."

Howard Orlick, a 52-year-old legally blind man, is suing Citi Bike for $500 to cover the cost of his medical bills from his trip. Lachonne Shelton, 50, is suing for $1 million after she injured her "knees, left elbow, back and neck" after tripping. Presumably all three people injured by the docks could be assuaged by a tiny harmonica solo under the right conditions.