Has the East Side Groper groped his last buttock? Possibly. Last night police arrested 18-year-old suspect Jose Alfredo Perez Hernandez in Queens after tracking his cell phone to an apartment there. Police think the tiny young man is the same perp who has been chatting up and then groping a number of women over the past few months, mostly on the Upper East Side (though not only in that area).

Hernandez was apprehended after an Upper East Side building superintendant told a friend (a cop assigned to the Transit Bureau) that he recognized the widely distributed surveillance photo of the Groper as a man who worked at a cafe in his building (which just happened to be near many of the reported gropes). From the restaurant, police were able to learn Hernandez's identity. Police are contacting victims for lineups before charging him.

Meanwhile, the news is going to be a real disappointment to WPIX, which yesterday went around trying to do some detective work for the NYPD. And amidst passing out flyers around the Upper East Side the channel's reporter found one woman (who wouldn't give her name) who swore she saw the groper on a regular basis. "He's here all the time!" She told them. Better late than never, right?