After a prelude of light dusting last night, NYC is about to get hit with a major snowstorm to start 2014. Find out all the gory details below!

Various forecasters predict anywhere from 8-11 inches of snow falling between Thursday night and Friday morning (though as you can see above, NYC might get a bit less, closer to 6-8 inches, maybe 9 if everything goes to hell). All the reports agree however that NYC will see blizzard-like conditions, which means reduced visibility, freezing temperatures (it'll be in the teens on Friday, possibly in the single digits tonight), chilly wind gusts (up to 40 MPH!), and general snow-induced sleepiness.

The city Sanitation Department issued a snow alert at 1 a.m. Thursday with the loading of its fleet of 364 street plows and salt spreaders—if you want to know when your street will be plowed, don't forget about PlowNYC. The MTA is also prepping its fleet of deicers, snowblowers, and snow throwers. The city will suspend alternate-side parking, and the state plans to close some major highways, including the Long Island Expressway. “We’re telling people to prepare for road closings," Gov. Cuomo said. "The roadways may be closed on your way home. Mass transit is a prudent option."

But hey, it could be worse—it's as cold as Mars in Canada! So bundle up, be careful on the roadways, don't eat the yellow snow, and make sure to send all your snowflake selfies to or tag it as Gothamist on Flickr. And make sure you get the bread and milk.

Update: At least 1,400 flights have been cancelled today in anticipation of "Winter Storm Hercules," so if you're supposed to fly anywhere today and tomorrow, check The National Weather Service adds that the heaviest snowfall begins late afternoon & early evening—so expect snow to start falling between 5-7 p.m., then get heavier around 9 p.m., and continue throughout the night and into Friday morning.

Update: The Long Island Expressway, I-84, and 87-S will all shut down from midnight until 5 a.m., according to Gov. Cuomo. Over 500 NYC-area flights have been cancelled today so far, with more expected. Mayor de Blasio implored people to stay indoors tonight in his first blizzard press conference—he is expected to give another update sometime in the next few hours.