[UPDATE: An initial WCBS2/AP headline cited the NYC subway system, but that has been amended, and it's currently unclear if NYC has been targeted specifically. The post below has been revised accordingly. The MTA did not immediately respond to our request for comment.]

A terrorist plot targeting a United States subway system has been uncovered by Iraqi intelligence, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi told reporters at the United Nations today. Speaking to journalists on the sidelines at the UN, al-Abadi said he was made aware of the plot today, "and that it was the work of foreign fighters of the Islamic State group in Iraq."

Al-Abadi, who has been Prime Minister in Iraq for all of two weeks, said that officials in the U.S. have been alerted, and that the plot has not yet been thwarted. Asked if the attack was imminent, he said, "Yes," the Associated Press reports.

According to al-Abadi, the plot is also targeting the Paris Metro.

Yesterday, Prime Minister al-Abadi met with President Obama for the first time. Abadi later told reporters Obama promised that the U.S. would send additional arms and equipment "as soon as possible" to aid Iraqi forces in the fight against the Islamic State. Al-abadi also reportedly met with Obama today to discuss the Islamic State.

UPDATE 12:44 p.m.:FBI sources tell NBC they've seen no evidence of a terrorist plot against the NYC subway, and that the first they heard of this was the AP report which, by the way, has changed again. The original AP report had al-Abadi saying "Yes" when asked if the attack was imminent. That report has been revised thus: "Asked if the attack was imminent, he said, 'I’m not sure.'"

Gothamist has obtained an advance copy of the AP's next edit:

For what it's worth, the NYPD says they're aware of al-Abadi's comments, whatever they were:

And, on the bright side:

Update 12:58 p.m.: Governor Cuomo, who announced an aggressive new anti-terrorism security plan earlier this month, has issued this statement:

"This morning it has been reported that there may be imminent threats against subway systems in the United States. We are aware of the report and are treating it with the utmost precaution. Our administration has been coordinating at a high level with local, state and federal partners. I want to assure the people of New York that we are monitoring these reports closely and are in close communication with officials in Washington. "Over the past few weeks we have already begun to increase security at mass transit sites and other key areas in the New York City area as part of a bi-state security enhancement in partnership with Governor Christie. Public safety is paramount, and we are doing everything necessary to protect New Yorkers.”

Update 3:30 p.m.: The NYPD's Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence and Counterterrorism, John Miller, issued a statement, "We are aware of the Iraqi Prime Minister's statements and we are in close contact with the FBI and other federal partners as we assess this particular threat stream. New York City normally operates at a heightened level of security and we adjust that posture daily based on our evaluation of information as we receive it."

Taking a move from the Bloomberg Playbook, Cuomo just took an E train to Penn Station to show that subways are secure:

Mayor Bill de Blasio will be taking a train from the Brooklyn Bridge station to Union Square at 3:45 p.m. and will have press conference at the Union Square station around 4 p.m.