[See our full report on the march here.] The People's Climate March, which is being called the "largest climate march in history," has begun in NYC. You can check out the parade route and all the street closures here, and get some background on the event, which Gothamist contributor Nick Pinto describes as "the first tentative outing of a broader movement, a coalition that includes not only the usual white environmentalists, but unions and representatives of the (frequently poor and minority) communities hit hardest by the effects of climate change."

If you can't make it to the march, you can watch a livestream of the event via Democracy Now. We'll be updating this post all day depending on what happens at the march. Below, check out photos of various signs, politicians, celebrities (Al Gore! Sting! Leonardo DiCaprio!), and bananas (?) involved in the march.

Update: Even more!

It seems the celebrities are clogging things up at certain areas of the march because people keep stopping to take photos with them/of them:

Also, somebody built an ark:

Updates: Even more colorful signs, celeb sightings, and a moment of silence.

There was a moment of silence around 1 p.m.:

Update: More floats, more signs, more participants.

Even the United Nations is getting in on the action:

Update: We have the first official count of how many people showed up for today's march: 310,000.

Update: The Parade is still marching on, but it's almost over now. Check out a few final images, Tweets and aerial footage of the march below.