The New York Stock Exchange has suspended trading, supposedly because of some sort of "technical issue." In what may be a totally unrelated twist, the Wall Street Journal's home page is down. Here's a very calm man in a suit saying don't sweat it, the "System" will no doubt resume soon. He'd like that, wouldn't he?

The mysterious technical glitch came on the same morning that a technical glitch grounded United Airlines flights worldwide. Probably no need to withdraw all your money from the bank ASAP?

The Wall Street Journal's home page showed a "504" error shortly before noon, along with the cryptic message "Something did not respond fast enough, that's all we know..." Meanwhile, back over on the stock exchange, your punishment must be more severe...

UPDATE 12:26 p.m.: Senator Bill Nelson, a Florida Democrat who recently voted in favor of a cybersecurity bill, has reportedly said that whatever "this" is may be a cyber attack.

The Wall Street Journal, which has returned online via a redirected url, now reports that "The halt came amid a broad selloff in shares that was spurred by a deepening decline in China’s stock market. It’s unclear what’s causing the disruption. Representatives of the exchange couldn’t immediately be reached for comment."

Update 12:34 p.m.: The NYSE says the suspension of trading is due to an internal issue and "not the result of a cyber breach." (United is reportedly saying something similar, blaming an internal router failure.)

But this is uncanny:

Update 3:23 p.m.:Trading has resumed!

At least Twitter is trying to help.