Yesterday already feels like a steamy, freakish dream and the snow—though seasonally appropriate and nice to look at—is causing major flight delays and cancelations at all of the local airports: JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark.

Newark is currently showing 618 cancelations, according to the Port Authority. JFK has canceled 508 flights, and LGA 655. All told, that's 1,781 flights, or "about half of a normal day's flight activity," according to Port Authority spokesman Steve Coleman.

Delays are piling up, too. JFK is currently showing 81, according to the website FlightAware. LGA shows 3, and Newark 21. [See below for updates.]

And here's the "view" at Newark.

"We strongly urge air passengers to call their carriers before going to the airports," Coleman added. Though all of the airports remain open, as of 10:30 a.m., "There is minimal if any flight activity at LGA and EWR because airlines have cancelled flights."

In other words, don't be these guys:

The snow is expected to keep falling throughout the day, with high winds and plummeting temperatures. If you do end up stranded at the airport, the Port Authority has accommodations. According to a press release Wednesday night, "If warranted, the Port Authority also has supplies of cots and other essential items ready to accommodate ticketed passengers who may become stranded at the airports."

You can also sign up for Port Authority alerts here. We'll leave you with this soothing image from the ground.

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[Update 11:30]: The Federal Aviation Administration has called a full ground stop at JFK, meaning any flights scheduled to land at JFK are being held at their departure points.

[Update 1:00]: At a noon press conference Governor Andrew Cuomo said that more than 60 percent of daily airport activity had been canceled, with 655 cancelations at LGA, 618 at Newark, and 700 at JFK. There are about nine inches of snow at LGA, and six at JFK.