[UPDATES BELOW] A man fell approximately 20 feet through a sidewalk grate in Queens this morning, but he is expected to survive.

At 10:49 a.m., FDNY responded to 24-20 Jackson Avenue in Court Square, and transported the man to Bellevue Hospital with injuries to his head, and one leg. He was conscious, and in "serious but stable" condition, an FDNY spokesman said.

The FDNY spokesman could not confirm the age of the victim, and his name has not been released. PIX 11 reports that he fell "at least 20 feet" through a subway gate.

An MTA spokesman could not immediately confirm any details about the incident, but we will update with any new information as we get it.

UPDATE: An MTA spokesman says workers are on their way to investigate what happened. The incident occurred near the G train entrance of the Court Square subway station, which also serves the 7, E and M trains.

UPDATE 1:50 p.m.: The man dropped his keys around 11:30 this morning, according to a witness and the MTA. We're told he somehow opened the grate himself, and lowered a ladder to go down after them. However, he lost his footing and fell, injuring his right leg. An MTA spokesman says, "There is no visual defect to this grate and it is secure at this time."

We also heard from one Ben Wepman, a prop person for Benders, an IFC pilot that was set up to film this morning, near the grate. According to an email from Wepman, "Dude lost his keys to his truck down a grate, so he was fishing with a wire. Fail." Wepman offered to go get a magnet, and says he left the grate for five minutes. By the time Wepman returned, "He had already grabbed a ladder from his truck, opened the grate, and slipped off his ladder." Wepman tells us the man tried to stand, only to realize that his leg was broken at the thigh.

"He was seeing stars," Wepman said. "I stayed with him until the paramedics arrived. I showed him the magnet."