Updates Below L train service between Brooklyn and 8th Avenue in Manhattan was suspended during this morning's rush hour after the tunnel under the East River—and some train cars—filled up with smoke. But of course, even an entire station filled with smoke isn't enough to scare off some New Yorkers who insisted on waiting just in case the train came.

@gregmocker #Smoke in the #Ltrain #EastRiver #tunnel. It has spread to #Bedford Av #subway #train #station.

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The FDNY says they were called about the smoke condition around 9:20 a.m. Thursday morning, and a spokesperson confirmed they are on the scene investigating reports of a fire, originating somewhere around 1st Avenue and 14th Street. As a result, there are no L trains currently running between Lorimer Street and 8th Avenue.

No injuries have been reported at this time.

The initial Tweets from people on the train and in various evacuated stations make the ordeal sound pretty terrifying, though it did provide ample opportunity for existential thought exercises:

At least one passenger was talked out of pulling the emergency brake:

Commuters were forced to evacuate the stations, and many seemed to take it in stride:

Check back for updates as more information becomes available.

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Update 10:40 a.m.: The NYPD have now confirmed that there is a track fire near the 1st Avenue station. L trains remain suspended between 8th Avenue & Lorimer Street, not that you would necessarily be able to tell from walking in a station...

Update 12:30 p.m. The electrical fire has now been put out, but there are still no L trains running between Bedford Avenue & 8th Avenue.

One 31-year-old Williamsburg resident who was on his way to work aboard one of the smoke-filled trains that was evacuated, and told us what it was like down there: "I was in the last car of the train," he said. "We were getting close to the 1st Avenue stop and the car started to smell of burning and then filled with smoke. It was right at the level where everyone was very nervous but no one was visibly freaking out."

"We pulled into the station and someone yelled, 'Everyone get off this train,'" he continued. "But since I'm in the last car, there was an endless mass of people and distance between us and the exit, and there's a lot of smoke in the station. It was very claustrophobic...People started yelling at the crowd to walk faster."

Update 4:15 p.m. The L train still isn't running yet. Check our update here.