According to police, a dolphin has gotten itself stuck in the Coney Island creek in Brooklyn. Police along with harbor patrol and other officials have mobilized near Cropsey Avenue and Bay 54th Street in Coney Island to try to rescue the dolphin, who was first spotted just before 11 a.m. today by a passerby. You can watch a live stream (via Fox5) here, as well as a few more photos below. We'll update once we learn more information.

Update: Police and harbor patrol are still at the scene, along with 50 or so onlookers, trying to corral the dolphin. Right now the dolphin is swimming the width of the creek back and forth; rescue workers are trying to push it up into a net.

Update: Lt. Duignan, an NYPD officer at the scene, told us that rescuers would wait until high tide to see if the dolphin can free itself from the creek; it needs to swim either under or over a floating debris boom that usually blocks the creek off from the sea. "On the advice of the Riverhead foundation for wildlife and research they said to just monitor the dolphin at this time and we cut the boom away to try and provide him with easier exit while we wait to see if the tide rises and he can self-rescue, if he can swim himself out," he said. High tide is expected to be at 5 p.m.

Additional reporting by Scott Heins