[UPDATE BELOW] A man was fatally struck by a southbound G train at Metropolitan Avenue this morning at around 11 a.m. According to the MTA, the man was already on the tracks when the train pulled into the station and hit him. The MTA is investigating the incident.

Service on the G was briefly suspended in both directions from Court Square to Bedford-Nostrand, but has since resumed. We'll update with more info as it becomes available.

UPDATE: According to the MTA, the victim was a Hispanic woman, and she was struck in the tunnel between Metropolitan and Nassau Avenues. They are currently investigating why she was inside the tunnel at the time.

Update 4:34 p.m.: A tipster writes in to tell us:

I saw the dead body from the stairs on the uptown side of the tracks when the cops pointed their flashlights down on it. It was past the platform, toward the back of the train, where there was just a small ledge to walk. It seemed that if she jumped on purpose, she chose to do it where nobody would see (and possibly stop) her. So I guess the only person who saw her get run over was the driver of the train - that poor man or woman.