[UPDATE BELOW] Another beloved pet cat has gone missing at John F. Kennedy International Airport. Tipster Pauline Legay tells us her friend Agathe Louvet arrived at the airport on a flight from France last night, but upon arrival was told that the cat who flew with her had escaped. The Port Authority confirmed today that the poor kitteh has not yet been found.

According to Legay, Louvet arrived at JFK's Terminal 4 on discount French airline XL Airways flight SE40, landing at around 9:45 p.m. last night. When she arrived, she went to retrieve her cat, Gyzmo. But Gyzmo was nowhere to be found, and airline workers told her he had escaped when the flight arrived.

Gyzmo, who reportedly found a happy home with Louvet and her children after suffering through a lifetime of abandonment, isn't the only unfortunate feline to disappear at JFK. In 2011, five-year-old kitteh Jack the Cat was lost by American Airlines workers, and wasn't found for a full two months later, and later died due to internal injuries sustained during his wayward misadventure in November of that year. Another cat, 4-year-old Xiaohwa, fled her carrier at Terminal 4 in October 2012; according to a Facebook page set up for her, she was still missing as of January 2013.

Port Authority officials tell us JFK is aware Gyzmo is missing, and they have a photo of the cat with the owner. Legay tells us Gyzmo, who is like her "furry godson," is cherished by Louvet and her children, who are set to arrive in New York in three weeks.

The airline could not be reached for comment.

Update 8/3/14: According to Legay, Gyzmo's been found. Lucky kitty!