[UPDATE BELOW: This is related to the 1979 disappearance of 6-year-old Etan Patz] This morning the FBI has been spotted on Prince Street between Wooster and West Broadway. A tipster sent over the above photo, which shows what looks like a lot of younger, junior agents. There is also an Evidence Response truck on the scene. The FBI wouldn't comment on the case when we contacted them this morning.

One person in SoHo told us that the "entire street, plus bike lanes, are barricaded, [they] wouldn't let people pass on sidewalk." At least one rumor we're hearing is that the team is at Lucky Jeans because "someone just confessed to murdering a child in 1968 and burying his/her body in the basement."

We've got someone on the scene now, and will try to confirm what's going on. Stay tuned for updates.

UPDATE: This is in regards to the 33-year-old Etan Patz case—the FBI has now released a statement, saying, “The FBI and the NYPD are looking for evidence in the Etan Patz investigation. It’s one of many leads that we’re pursuing. It is a joint matter between the FBI and NYPD and no conclusions should be made about specifically why we’re here or what we’re looking for."

Patz was kidnapped from lower Manhattan when he was 6 years old, on May 25th, 1979. He is one of most famous missing child in NYC—he was also the first child to be pictured on the side of a milk carton.

UPDATE (11:18 a.m.): Officials on the scene have confirmed this in regards to human remains, and that they will be there for 2 to 3 days, at least.

UPDATE (2 p.m.): There are currently mumblings at the scene on Prince Street that a cadaver dog was brought in. The NYPD and FBI aren't currently commenting, but according to Joey Boots, who is there, there is some activity under the evidence tents. He also says, "legit scoop from a very reliable source... cadaver dog signaled a hit in basement and now they are digging."

UPDATE (5 p.m.): Patz's parents still live down the street from where the FBI is set up right now. According to CNN, the search effort is focused in a basement at 127B Prince Street—a 13’ x 62’ space with a cement floor. Gothamist contributer Nell Casey was on the scene earlier, and reports back, "the space is empty now but a neighbor who I spoke to recalls that it was some kind of ironworking place. The neighbor also said police had been interviewing people recently in the neighborhood about the abduction."

As of this time, the FBI still plans on being there for two more days.