A gunman in car shot and killed a 38-year-old driver on Lorimer Street between Ten Eyck and Maujer streets in a shockingly brazen slaying in Williamsburg this afternoon. The perp pulled up beside the victim — described by police as a Hispanic male — at around 2:30 pm and fired into the his car, hitting him in the side, according to police. The wounded driver crashed his car and exited the vehicle before being transported to Woodhull Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

A passerby who happened upon the aftermath of the slaying had this to say: "There was a fight, then someone got shot. UPS man witnessed the incident and the UPS truck is part of the crime scene. Don't know anything else, except saw cops try to revive the victim, who was bleeding from the back, pumped his chest, etc. as he was led into the ambulance."

Another source had more information about the crime:

"I live right across from the accident, but didn't hear anything until the first responders came. Apparently one man (possibly older looking, mob-ish) was chasing another man both in their cars. There was a car crash and the man being chased jumped out and was shot by the chaser. The shot man then ran for cover in a UPS truck parked in front of a mailing place. Again, these details were all overheard, so I don't know the truth to it all, but there's a lot of activity here and I thought you would want to know."

A police spokeswoman did not release any information about the suspect or his vehicle.