2008_12_bushpard.jpgYesterday, President Bush pardoned Isaac Toussie, who pleaded guilty to using fake documents to get mortgages from HUD and to defrauding Suffolk County by selling it overpriced land (he faked documents claiming people were offering over $5 million for land appraised at $2.5 million)—but now he's asked the DOJ pardon attorney not to execute the pardon! Earlier today, Daily News reported Toussie's father "donated $28,500 to the Republican Part this year." And there's a federal lawsuit against Toussie from homebuyers who were apparently duped into buying overpriced, defective homes in bad areas from him, after he used deceptive tactics. Some had given comments like, "The politically connected get what they want, and little people like us are just left to sink or swim. Thanks to the President for the worst Christmas gift you could have ever given us," and "I think Bush stinks anyway," but maybe they'll slightly change their tune now.