A worried brother has been using Twitter to try to find his missing 17-year-old sister who is autistic. Chris Lewis has been Tweeting, "In about an hour you will see on the news a missing 17 year old autistic girl named Janice lewis that is my little sister," "This is Janice. Around 2:15pm she boarded the Uptown bound d train and hasn't been seen since http://twitpic.com/7pk2dr," and "She's 5'11 about 155 pounds. Last seen in dark blue true religion jeans and dark purple ugg field boots http://twitpic.com/7pk2qz."

When asked if his sister was with anyone, he answered, "she was with her classmates. Called and they're the ones who told me that she had gotten on the train," and added to someone who works near midtown D stations, "she got on the train at bryant park 42nd area around 2:15."

Recording artist Tony Montaga Tweeted, "I'm offering $3000 2 who ever can help with the safe return of @imchrislewis sister http://lockerz.com/s/162754052," and Montaga said, "This offer Dnt jus come from me it's from my management & promotion company there r ppl tryin."

Contact the 44th Precinct (718) 590-5511 or NYPD Crime Stoppers (800) 577-8477 with information.

Update: Good news! Lewis Tweets, "They found her in Brooklyn. I'm so elated. Man." and "They're running a kit on her to make sure everything good and then she'll be back with us."