[UPDATE BELOW] A 12-year-old boy was killed by a livery cab driver in Harlem this afternoon.

The NYPD says that Ervi Secundino was crossing west at the intersection of 150th Street and Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Boulevard around 3:13 p.m. today when he was struck by a driver heading southbound on 7th Avenue.

The victim was transported to Harlem Hospital, where he died. The driver remained on the scene, and police say the investigation is ongoing.

Update 6:01 p.m.: The Post spoke with a crossing guard who witnessed the fatal incident, noting that the boy crossed against the light, and the speeding driver dragged the boy's body for a block after he struck him.

"The car collided with the child and dragged him halfway down the street from 150th to 149th Street," Phyllis Miles told the tabloid. "The black car was definitely speeding. When he hit the kid he went up in the air and then got stuck under the car."

The incident occurred across the street from P.S. 200. “Kids and teachers from across the street at the school were crying,” Miles told the Post. “Teachers was crying. I felt like crying too."

The NYPD is still investigating.