Feeling depressed about NY Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger's pronouncement that the Times will stop printing a physical edition sometime in the future? Down in the dumps because of another news story predicting the ever-imminent death of print and magazines? Well, take some comfort: you can still get your news printed the old fashioned way, on T-shirts!

T-Post is the world's first wearable magazine; the company prints a news story on the inside of the shirt, and has an artistic graphic of the story on the front. "It all started with the idea of trying to rewire the structures of news communication. T-shirts inspire conversation, and when you add a story behind them, you get people thinking," T-Post Editor-in-Chief Peter Lundgren told AOL News.

Subscribers get a new cotton T-shirt every five weeks from the Swedish company; it has already put out 57 issues over the last six years. News printed on T-shirts; next you'll be telling us that there's a British version of Law and Order and no NY one!