One worker is seriously injured after a building collapse in Fort Greene this morning. An FDNY spokesperson tells us one worker was transported to Brooklyn Hospital as a "red tag," which means there's a great risk the victim will die from his or her injuries. A second worker was also rushed to the hospital with less severe injuries.

The 911 call about the collapse came in at 9:13 this morning. The location, on Carlton Avenue between Dekalb and Willoughby, is a construction site where a new building has been going up. Initial reports suggest that workers were briefly trapped under debris, but were quickly rescued by first responders.

One neighbor blames the collapse on "shoddy construction," telling us it was "all wrong. [They] built floors before building risers and then cut holes to put risers." Another neighbor says, "A truck was delivering masonry blocks and a palate of blocks and the whole thing fell off crane and through roof." The same neighbor also tells us the rescued workers "were covered in dust and dirt and looked like they were in bad shape." A witness said that after the materials fell onto the roof, a manager at the construction driver told the delivery truck to "Get the fuck out!"

We'll update as more information becomes available.

Update 10:50 a.m.:According to CBS 2, one of the workers was pronounced DOA at the hospital. The FDNY has not officially confirmed this, but they're holding a press conference at the scene in about a half hour, which isn't a good sign. Brownstoner also has reportage from the scene, and points us to this post about the fugly project.

Reporting by Tien Mao.