A construction worker was fatally shot at an Upper West Side luxury development this morning, and the shooter was also found dead near the scene. A police spokesperson confirmed the unnamed victim was shot in the head at point-blank range at 645 West 59th Street, near 11th Avenue. Update: The suspected gunman was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. [More details below]

The shooter's motive was not immediately confirmed, but workers near the scene said they believed the man had been working at the site, and one said the suspect had recently been laid off. One witness told the Daily News the shooter had been a carpenter at the site, and the victim was his former supervisor.

Police spent hours searching the development and the surrounding area for the suspect, and an NYPD spokesperson confirmed he was found dead. The spokesperson did not say exactly where the suspect was found.

"I just heard one shot," Ed Capaldo, 37, a worker on the site, told DNAinfo. "That was it. It was really loud — just one pop. Everyone started running. Everybody was yelling, 'Someone got shot.'"

The project is called Waterline Square and is comprised of three towers. In June, Curbed pegged the average condo price in Waterline Square at $4.4 million.

Update: Police said the shooter was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound in the building.

A co-worker told PIX11 that the shooter was upset after being laid off. "They had words two days before … over, just, work. He did something wrong, he felt upset and he (the suspected gunman) got yelled at," the co-worker said. He added that the gunman had been dismissed due to a "fireable offense."

The co-worker also said he saw the gunman in the building. PIX11 reports, "The alleged shooter was 'very calm' as he walked downstairs, the co-worker said. The two then exchanged pleasantries, hugged, and the man continued walking downstairs as the co-worker walked up."

Additional reporting by Aidan Gardiner and Jen Chung.