[Update Below] Never come between a woman and her $20 sweaters: according to several witnesses ("twitnesses"), there was a stabbing at the H&M store on 34th street this morning. They allege that the stabbing was over someone cutting in line at the popular clothing store. Cops have saturated the area, three people are said to be in ambulances, and two people in handcuffs. According to RackedNY, hundreds of people lined up at 7 a.m. this morning at the H&M store at 51st street for the opening of the Lanvin x H&M collection. Could shopping madness be spreading through H&M's all over the city?

Update: it seems initial reports about the stabbing may have been blown out of proportion by the Twittering nation. We called the Herald Square store, and a manager told us that there had been no stabbing incidents ("as far as she knew"), and couldn't give any insights into why ambulances were spotted in the area. Perhaps shopping madness hasn't been spreading through H&M's, but rather, shopping hysteria through the Twitter world. And it's not even Black Friday yet!