A woman died in an awful freak accident yesterday.

The Daily News reports, "The 37-year-old was in the West Village at 5:50 p.m. Tuesday when the wind ripped the plywood from a fence it was moored to and struck her in the body, a police source said. The woman was thrust into a wall at a parking garage at 175 W. 12th St. and struck her head, the source said."

She died at Bellevue Hospital. The News notes that the wood fell from the new condo that is going up where St. Vincent's Hospital used to be. The development, The Greenwich Lane, has apartments starting at $3.65 million and going up to $26.5 million.

Update: The victim was Tina Nguyen, a real estate agent at Keller Williams. Police say she had been talking on her cell phone when the four foot-by-eight foot piece of plywood flew into her. The Post reports, "The piece of plywood was ripped from a security fence across the street from where the woman was walking as high winds swept through the area Tuesday evening."

According to the NY Times, "Workers on Wednesday were seen securing the fencing with a metal frame and bungee cord. Others, in white hard hats, were photographing and inspecting the fence." The Department of Buildings has issued a stop work order on the site during the investigation.