[UPDATE BELOW] A woman was trying on clothes in a JC Penney dressing room in the Staten Island Mall earlier this month when she noticed a cell phone slide surreptitiously under the door. Police say the device was being used to record the 35-year-old victim as she was undressing, and investigators have now released security camera images of their suspect.

Police describe the suspect as between the ages of 40-50, approximately 5'7", and approximately 190 lbs. He's wanted for unlawful surveillance. Investigators say the incident happened on Friday April 1st around 7 p.m., so it's possible he'll try the April Fools joke defense.

In 2014, an art history professor in NYU pleaded guilty to charges of unlawful surveillance after he was caught pulling the same moves at the dressing rooms in Beacon's Closet. His victims told cops they were trying on clothes in separate booths when Finocchio's shoe slid under the partition from the dressing room next door—with Finocchio's phone in it.

Update, April 27th: Police say they've arrested the suspect, 66-year-old Samuel Cruz, and charged him with unlawful surveillance.