[UPDATED BELOW] WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is no longer in hiding. The Australian was arrested after turning himself in this morning in the UK where he has been under wraps as his site deals with the fallout from the trove of a quarter-million diplomatic cables it's been slowly releasing to the public. Assange is due in court later today and it is currently unclear if he will challenge his extradition to Sweden—where he is wanted for questioning as part of a sex-crimes investigation (one which some find suspicious).

Of interest will be what happens once the extradition process begins, per the Guardian: "If extradited to Sweden under the [European Arrest Warrant]—a process which could be concluded quickly under the fast-track procedure—Assange will be vulnerable to other extradition requests from countries including the US."

Meanwhile, just because the WikiLeaks saga never has only one story in play, the website's finances took another blow yesterday when MasterCard joined PayPal in pulling the plug on payments to the site. "MasterCard is taking action to ensure that WikiLeaks can no longer accept MasterCard-branded products," the company said through a spokesman. Which means if you want to donate to the renegade site your options are increasingly limited.

Finally, for anyone worried about losing another source of the leaks, especially now that students are allowed to write about them, fret not: Facebook has no intention of pulling any of its leak-related pages they say. For now.

UPDATE: Assange was denied bail by a London court today and ordered to remain in custody until another court date on December 14. He is planning to resist extradition. And if you were worried, the leaks will still be coming. Also: Assange's sex crimes in Sweden may be that he didn't wear a condom.