[UPDATE BELOW] Megyn Kelly's new NBC morning show seems to be getting off to a slightly rough start. On last Monday's premiere, for instance, she asked a Will & Grace fan if watching the show made him gay, then told him "the gay thing’s gonna work out" for him. Then on Wednesday, she asked Jane Fonda about her plastic surgery, which Fonda did not feel like answering. This morning, following the country's deadliest mass shooting in modern history, Kelly cut off veteran newsman Tom Brokaw as he described how the National Rifle Association blocks any substantive debate over gun control.

As Jezebel reported
, Brokaw was participating in a Kelly-hosted "candid" conversation about yesterday's massacre in Las Vegas. When an audience member asked Brokaw, "We’re constantly bombarded with the news day and night. When does this become harmful to us and our children?" the former NBC Nightly News anchor and The Greatest Generation author ripped into the NRA's political apparatus and their stranglehold on elected officials.

"We are where we are because of the power of people who wanted these kinds of guns, and the NRA managed to organize them and get them as a political force in America. So the question is, if you’re not happy with what has happened, your individual obligation as a citizen is to organize on the other side," he began.

Brokaw continued, "And that’s possible as well. The NRA has a lot of money, obviously, and if you’re running against the NRA... you’re portrayed as a traitor against America. You know, you’re not in favor of people who have weapons... We’re a long way away from that second amendment in which we said that a well regulated militia is important to our country..."

But that was enough for Kelly, who interrupted him mid-speech: "Got it. Gotta leave it at that, Tom." See below:

Megyn Kelly Hard Outs Tom Brokawby d-ghbrt

Kelly blamed the cutoff on an upcoming "hard break," but it was another awkward moment in what's turning into a mounting series of them. It's also noteworthy that Kelly's professed she's "kind of done with politics" and doesn't plan to address them on her new show, a move critics have noted seems strange considering Kelly rose to fame on FOX News for her political reporting, and also for promising children that Santa is white.

Meanwhile, Page Six noted today that NBC bumped Kelly's show yesterday so Today Show hosts Savannah Guthrie and Matt Lauer could extend their Las Vegas coverage, a move the tabloid called "a bad sign."

"It’s baffling why they didn’t have Kelly participate in the coverage," a network veteran told the outlet. "They seem confused."

Aren't we all.

Kelly is reportedly being paid $15 million to $20 million to host the show, but surely NBC will cut her some slack no matter how pear-shaped things get, right?

Update 4:29 p.m.: Brokaw told the Washington Post that the awkward moment was thanks to a hearing issue.

"The acoustics in the studio were terrible. I didn't have an IFB [earpiece], and I am writing as I return from my hearing-aid mechanic. My hearing aid this morning went bad as the show started," he told the outlet via email. "Chick Hearn, the late, great L.A. Lakers play-by-play announcer had a phrase: no harm, no foul. Exactly the case this a.m. No harm, no foul. Not worth any fuss. I'm a Kelly fan."