[UPDATE BELOW] This summer's Puerto Rican Day parade in NYC passed without much incident, but down in Philadelphia, which held its own parade this weekend, an alleged incident of police brutality was caught on camera. A video uploaded to YouTube yesterday documents a disturbing altercation between a cop and a woman attending the parade. In the short video, a white shirt officer is seen walking up to a woman and punching her in the face without warning, knocking her to the street:

At the very start of the video, it appears that the woman is squirting or spraying something on the officers, but a few seconds later more liquid is seen flying at them from a man behind her. (Reddit has a couple of good gifs that attempt to unpack this.) But what seems abundantly clear from the video is that an officer sucker-punched the woman in the face, then arrested her.

We asked the Philadelphia police department what the woman was charged with, and whether the department believes this to be an appropriate use of force, and we'll update if we hear back.

Update 1:29 p.m.: Philadelphia Police tell NBC10 "the woman was cited for spraying silly string at officers who were conducting a vehicle stop at North 5th Street and Lehigh Avenue." Internal Affairs is investigating the incident.