As the occupation of Wall Street continues into its eighth day, at least 11 more protestors have reportedly been arrested as demonstrators marched against traffic towards Union Square. According to various eyewitnesses, police arrested one of the protestors because they were taking photographs. A legal observer with the National Lawyer's Guild was also prevented from visiting with the detained because of an "emergency situation." There appear to be at least 1,000 gathered at Union Square.

This woman, who identifies herself as "Marissa Holmes," is being led into a police vehicle as a white shirted officer insists, "You did resist! You did resist!" A nearby woman replies, "No she didn't," and the officer continues: "She never resisted? We have it here on camera."

While yesterday's champagne toast mocking the goals of the protestors never happened, the hundred or so demonstrators who remained at the makeshift campground of Zuccotti Park seemed optimistic that they'd turn the world's attention to corporate excesses and government reform.

"All we're asking for is that the real issues are addressed," Eve Fritz told us, her sleeping bag rolled up under her arm. Fritz, 27, leaves her two children with her husband in Weehawken, New Jersey so she can demonstrate on the weekends. "The amount of corporate money that flows into political campaigns, the fact that the middle class pays a higher percentage of taxes—these are real problems."

For some, the overall goal of the protests is less finite: "We want to turn emotional rage, into solidarity for people to come together and fix what's wrong," East Village guitarist Goldi told us. "It just seems like there is so little actual deomocracy in our political process, it'd be nice for the people to have a say." Nicole, who traveled there from Queens with her 3-year-old daughter, agreed: "People need to wake up and take action! Get involved so the corporations and banks don't replace our voices."

Goldi said that while the NYPD was "really nasty" at first, after the arrests early in the week they've become "pretty sweet." "They know we're here to say," he says, "They know our routine so there are no real surprises."

A strange memo was circulated earlier today at Zuccotti Park reminding demonstrators of the "prohibited" actions that they're engaging in during the occupation, but the source of the flyers remains unknown. As of right now, the demonstrators may be headed towards the UN building.

[UPDATE / 3:59 p.m.] It appears that close to 50 protestors have been arrested around Union Square, bringing the day's total to around 60. Earlier reports of tear gas being used were unfounded, but stun guns and pepper spray were reported to have been used to subdue demonstrators. Video of some of the arrests is below.