[UPDATE BELOW] At least two people have been shot near a federal building on Varick Street in Lower Manhattan this afternoon.

Police confirmed that the shooting happened in front of 201 Varick Street around 5 p.m. today. They couldn't confirm any other details, but initial reports indicate that at least one federal officer has been shot.

Fox News reports that a "federal agent & another person shot" in the area; CBS adds that the shooter has reportedly been shot as well. Cops say to "expect extensive traffic delays and street closures in the area of Varick St and W. Houston."

UPDATE, 6:45 p.m.: According to CBS2, "A man shot a security officer, and then took his own life, at a federal office building in Lower Manhattan Friday, police said. The suspect walked into the building, pulled out a gun and shot the security guard, and then shot himself fatally." According to the Daily News "the fatally wounded security guard," who was employed by the federal government, died at Bellevue Hospital.

The building houses several federal offices, including an immigration court, a post office, the Department of Justice and Department of Labor.

The NYPD will be holding a press conference this evening.

UPDATE, 7:05 p.m.: The NYPD has released this statement:

At approximately 5:05 PM a male walks into the federal building at 201 Varick Street. As he approached the metal detector in the security screening area, the male immediately pulled out a gun and shot the security guard at close range. He proceeded through the security area and headed towards the elevator where he encountered another employee. At this point, the suspect shot himself in the head. The suspect is dead on the scene. At this point we are working with a tentative identification and are working closely with the federal authorities, including DHS, FBI, and others to determine the suspect’s motive. At this time it appears there were no other suspects on the scene and the building is secure. We are at the very preliminary stages of this investigation based on what we know now. At this point there is no indication of a nexus to terrorism.

UPDATE, 9:25 p.m.

: The police identified the shooter as Kevin Downing, 68, saying, "Mr. Downing is a former federal employee and resided in Fort Lee, NJ. His residence has been secured while we await a court authorizedsearch warrant. We are at the very early stages of this investigation and are working to establish his motive for coming here, if he had an intended target beyond the security officer, and what the motive was behind this crime."

The guard was identified as Idrissa Camara, 53, who "never had a chance to defend himself." According to NY Times reporter Al Baker, Camara was "due to end work @ 4 PM, stayed for extra duty and got fatally shot, a spokesman for his employer said."