[UPDATE BELOW] Two brothers from Brooklyn have been arrested in connection with the murder of Menachem Stark, a Williamsburg real estate developer and landlord whose partially burned body was found in a dumpster in January 2014.

The NYPD says they've arrested Erskin and Kendall Felix, ages 38 and 28 respectively, in connection with the case. Erskin Felix has been charged with murder and kidnapping, while Kendall Felix has been charged with tampering with physical evidence and hindering prosecution.

In April 2014, the NYPD arrested Kendel Felix, the Felix brothers' 29-year-old cousin, and charged him with murder. He was convicted this past September.

The Daily News reports that Kendel Felix, who worked for Stark as a carpenter, fingered Erskin as the driving force behind Stark's murder in a videotaped confession.

The three cousins allegedly had a confrontation with Stark outside his Williamsburg office on the night of January 2nd, 2014 and dragged him into their minivan. One of the cousins then allegedly sat on Stark's chest, fatally asphyxiating him. Prosecutors say they then burned the body and threw it into a dumpster in Great Neck.

"I'm scared shitless because this wasn't supposed to happen," Kendel Felix said in the videotaped confession.

His cousins are currently being held at the 90th Precinct.

Update 11:25 a.m.: A release from the Brooklyn District Attorney's office alleges Erskin Felix was the "mastermind whose plot to kidnap Menachem Stark and extort money from him ended with his death." According to the release, Erskin and Kendel Felix kidnapped Stark in an effort to extort money from him and accidentally asphyxiated him. Erskin Felix then allegedly enlisted his brother Kendall's help in burning and disposing of Stark's body.

Erskin Felix faces up to 25 years to life in prison if convicted. Kendall Felix faces up to seven years in prison if convicted.