[Update Below] As if things weren't bad enough at LaGuardia Airport, there was trouble at JFK as well today. Details are still hazy, but we're told at least one person has been taken into custody at the airport for allegedly shooting at cars from an Uber.

A Port Authority spokesperson confirmed that police at JFK arrested at least one person involved in the incident; a police spokesperson said, "one or two people have been taken into custody."

Initial reports indicate that the suspects led police on a chase from the Van Wyck Expressway to a JFK parking lot. The Daily News reports that at least two men jumped into an Uber vehicle in Highbridge around 12:45 p.m. and fired several shots from the car window. They add that the chase ended up at Terminal 4.

Another source confirmed to us that an Uber car was involved in the incident. They said that the suspects were either robbing the Uber driver or using the car as a getaway vehicle. That source indicated that the chase ended at JFK, and the Air Train was searched.

ABC adds: "Police were attempting to pull the vehicle over from the Bronx, but the driver did not stop and continued into Queens."

The Port Authority spokesperson confirmed no shots were fired at the airport. Another suspect may still be on the loose.

Update: An Uber spokesperson told us that an Uber driver contacted them this morning informing them that a group of riders had used a weapon while in the vehicle and were still in the car. Uber contacted the NYPD and State Police about the incident and provided real time information about the car.

The trip lasted several hours altogether, and ended at JFK airport, where the riders exited the vehicle without harming the driver.

"As soon as Uber was informed of the incident, we reported it to the authorities and provided real time ride location information to the NYPD and State Police so they could apprehend the suspects as quickly as possible," said spokesperson Matthew Wing. "We want to thank the NYPD, State Police and the Port Authority for helping to keep our driver-partner and members of the public safe."