Following the arrest of 700 protestors on the Brooklyn Bridge this weekend, the Occupy Wall Street movement continues to pick up steam thanks to the support of unions like TWU Local 100 and 32NJ SEIU. Tomorrow's march at 4:30 from City Hall to Wall Street will be the "biggest yet," TWU president John Samuelsen tells the Daily News. It also coincides with a massive student walk-out. But the caretakers and part-owners of Zuccotti Park, Brookfield Office Properties, seem to be exasperated at the continued presence of the occupiers. "Lying down on benches, sitting areas or walkways is likewise prohibited," the company said in a statement. "Unfortunately, many of the individuals currently occupying the grounds are ignoring these basic yet necessary requirements."

The release goes on to say that while "Brookfield recognizes people’s right to peaceful protest, they "also have an obligation to ensure that the park remains safe, clean, and accessible to everyone." It also notes that the park hasn't been cleaned since September 16, one day before the protests began, and that "sanitary conditions have reached unacceptable levels."

Patrick Bruner, a spokesman for Occupy Wall Street, told us, "We've been attempting to address the concerns of the community by going to community [Board 1] meetings, and we're making sure their concerns are met." As for engaging Brookfield: "Several efforts have been made to that end, and we're still trying, but we haven't spoken to a representative there." It's unclear how much headway they're making with CB 1, as a DNAinfo report shows that noise complaints continue to be a problem, and the "human mic" can't get any quieter.

Elsewhere, sizable Occupy movements have cropped up in Boston and Chicago, among other US cities, and over a thousand people are supporting a pledge to occupy the London Stock Exchange on October 15 (albeit on Facebook). Joshua James of Tampa, Florida, sold his car and quit his manufacturing job to travel to Zuccotti Park on Saturday, and plans to take what he learns here back home. "I'm learning how it's done here so I eventually go back and set up shop to occupy Tampa." Bruner said that a few people had gone to Boston to assist the nascent movement there. "We've talked about instituting a sister solidarity committee to coordinate those efforts, but we don't have any concrete training program."

Last night, Deepak Chopra visited Zuccotti park shortly before the demonstrators' daily General Assembly meeting at 7 p.m., to give the group something to meditate on. "Put your hand on your heart and just ask yourself internally, "What kind of world do I want to live in?" Chopra said. He continues: "Now ask yourself how can I make that happen? Simple anger will only perpetuate what's already out there."

Bruner told us that a concert is planned in the park for Saturday, but he wouldn't specify who was playing or when (wonder why?) We've also heard rumors that Michael Franti is supposed to show up tonight, but if there's one thing we've learned about rumors: they're not worth waiting 3 hours for.

[UPDATE] According to the Occupy Wall Street camp, the protest has been moved to Foley Square "so we can get a permit with zero risk of arrest."