We've seen cyclists combat bicycle theft with aggression, but now they're going after the crooks with passive aggression. A biker apparently spotted his stolen Panasonic road bike — which was heisted from its Nolita spot back in April — chained to another rack earlier this month, so he taped two threatening notes to the seat.

"Have a good conscience or be an asshole -- your choice. Shit will come back around if you're the jerk, for sure," reads the first note, which was spotted by the blog ShadiNYC.

"I don't want to blame the wrong person because you may have re-bought 'your' bike on craigslist, but its [sic] mine and was fucking stolen in NOLITA back in APRIL when I was sick with bronchitis and too ill to ride it back home," a second letter continues. "In the event you are innocent, get in touch with me and maybe we can make a deal ... otherwise, you're a scum bag and fuck off."

Though less brutal than last month's bike thief beatdown video, it remains to be seen whether the notes will be as effective in recovering the bike.

We've emailed the author of the notes and we'll follow up if we receive a response.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the notes didn't help the cyclist — who wished to remain anonymous — recover her bike.

"Being an oft-broke New Yorker, I had to give it a shot on the off chance it would get returned," said the cyclist, who noted that the new "owner" was the one who upturned the handle bars and chained the seat. "[The] guy at the nearby bodega was going to try and help me clip the lock, but didn't have the right tools. I know it's a shitty bike, but I have other stolen things to replace before I spend good money on anything better."