[UPDATE BELOW] There's a lot to feel gloomy about today—the rain, the darkness, the disappearance of Hannah Montana: The Movie from Netflix—but somehow, this sad-looking horse-dressed-as-a-unicorn is the thing that makes me want to rip out my heart and feed it to some PETA activists. Bystanders spotted the pink-haired Equus in the Union Square area today, and it appears to be part of a marketing stunt for Drop, an app that nets you points you can use to purchase giftcards. But all it makes me want to do is purchase freedom for this poor little horsey:


I saw a unicorn 🦄 on 5th & 20th today. #onlyinnewyork #nyc #unicorn

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BB noooooo :(


The unicorn seemed vaguely happy when she met a child, but still.

Unicorns belong in beautiful medieval tapestries or Lisa Frank sticker collections, not the rancid streets of Manhattan. We reached out to Drop to find out why they forced this sweet little creature to prance for her dinner, and will update if and when we hear back.

Update 3:32 p.m.: The good news is, the unicorn is only making a brief visit to Manhattan, and normally gets to live out her days on a farm in Connecticut. The big city isn't nearly as fun as it looks in the guidebooks.

"We put this event on in honor of our US launch this month. We wanted to delight New York City with a surprise of a unicorn, and hand out some free cash, too. The app allows users to collect points spending as they normally do and convert it into cash rewards, like an Amazon gift card," Esther Park, Head of Marketing for Drop, told Gothamist in a statement. She added, "Unfortunately, the weather wasn't as good as expected, but Eloise the Unicorn is used to it on the 100 acre farm she lives on."