[UPDATES BELOW] A small plane crashed in East Haven, Connecticut this morning, damaging two homes in the area upon impact. The extent of injuries are unknown, but witnesses say the two houses on Charter Oak Avenue are heavily on fire. "I heard a loud boom," neighbor Francesca Guzman told NBC News of the crash. "It was engulfed in flames."

According to the FAA, the plane was a Turbo Commander 690B turbo prop; it took off from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey, and crashed as it prepared to land at Tweed New Haven Airport. Emergency crews from a number of nearby jurisdictions are on the scene, and a local news outlet is livestreaming coverage of the crash; we will update when more information becomes available.

Update 12:59 p.m.: At a press briefing, East Haven Mayor Joe Maturo confirmed that the pilot of the plane and two people inside one of the houses are missing. It is believed the two missing are children, ages 13 and 1 years old.

Update 3:45 p.m.: Oregon newspaper the Daily Astorian reports that the plane was piloted by Bill Henningsgaard, a Seattle resident and a former executive at Microsoft. Both Henningsgaard and his son, who was flying with him, were reportedly killed in the crash.